Chief Derek Orr


Chief Derek Orr is an assertive, forward thinking and proud Tsek’hene man who wants the best for his people.  He strives to create opportunities for his people, and to create programs for improved Health, Education, Culture and Language. 

Derek is married to his beautiful wife, Arlene. Together they have 3 children:  Logan, Erica and Owen.  Derek’s parents are Jane Inyallie and David Orr. 

Derek has worked for McLeod Lake Indian Band since 2002.  He has worked in different capacities including; Youth Worker, Land Referral Officer and Youth Councillor.  He received his college diploma in Business Management in 2007 and was elected Chief of McLeod Lake Indian Band in 2008.  Derek has achieved successful re-elections in both 2011 and 2014.

One of Derek’s primary goals was for McLeod Lake Indian Band to reach a stable economic platform.  A stable platform provides the ability to attain beneficial programs for McLeod Lake Indian Band members including; health, education, culture, and language. 

Since 2008, the McLeod Lake Indian Band has been able to eliminate $18 million dollars of debt. Now, the McLeod Lake Indian Band’s Chief and Council has strategically positioned the Band to take advantage of the many opportunities within our Traditional Territory and also to develop and build community projects that will benefit all Members of the McLeod Lake Indian Band.

In July 2014, the McLeod Lake Indian Band developed, constructed and opened Tse’khene Food and Fuel, a community gas station, which assists in serving the needs of McLeod Lake and its’ surrounding communities.

In addition, McLeod Lake Indian Band is very proud to announce the construction, operation and sole ownership of Duz Cho Forest Products, a cant mill that will utilize waste wood which normally would not have been used.    

Duz Cho Logging, also owned by McLeod Lake Indian Band was awarded the FPAC/AFN Aboriginal Forest Products Business Leadership Award in 2012 recognizing outstanding business leadership and community involvement in the forest products industry. 

The McLeod Lake Indian Band looks forward to a rewarding and positive future.   Thank you to everyone for their involvement and contributions towards the success of the McLeod Lake Indian Band.