Education Department

'To Leave Footprints Behind that Our Children will be Proud to Walk In"
(D. Prince)

Jodie Ware, Education Supervisor 
Direct Line: (250) 750-6848
Cell: (250) 614-3713

Post Secondary Program

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program provides funding for McLeod Lake Indian Band eligible members attending Post Secondary Institutions. Please keep in mind that this is funding for post-secondary sponsorship only. The minimum length of sponsorship cannot be less than eight months.
Only completed applications received by the deadline dates will be considered for the current intake; those received late will be considered early applications for the next intake.

Types of Support

Full-Time Student
  • A student that is considered as having full-time status is a student who takes minimum four (4) courses or 12 credits
  • An exemption is the first semester upon returning back to school where a student can take minimum three (3) courses in order to ease back into the full swing of academic studies.
  • Assistance is eligible for full tuition costs, books, and supplies and a monthly living out allowance.
Part-Time Student
  • A student that is considered has had part-time status is a student who takes less than nine (9) credits per semester.
  • Assistance is given for tuition and books/supplies only.

Total Student Months Available

There are three (3) levels of program study that are eligible for Post Secondary Education Program funding with a specified number of available months of sponsorship from the Band. Applicant's enrolment plans must correspond to one of the following three (3) levels:

  • Level 1 (Certificate or Diploma) 24 months
  • Level 2 (Bachelors) 48 months
  • Level 3 (Masters or Doctorate) 24 months

A student can only access each level once during their lifetime utilizing AANDC dollars. You cannot go backward. Anything not AANDC eligible will be considered 'other' dollars. These monies are very limited and dependent on the availability of other funds each fiscal year beginning April 1st.

For your application to be considered complete, the following must accompany your application:

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Treaty/Status card – copied front & back
  • Your Letter of Intent (educational plan) include the date of graduation
  • Program Information: tuition & book cost, duration, etc.
  • Copy of high school transcripts/most recent
  • Resume
  • Tracking Sheet of classes ie. Class schedule
  • Failure to submit documentation by deadline dates will result in delays and/or disqualification from funding

Application Deadline Dates: 

  • FALL INTAKE – April 1st 

  • WINTER INTAKE – April 1st
  • SUMMER INTAKE – February 1st

Please fill out and complete the Post Secondary Application form and mail, email or fax it to:

McLeod Lake Indian Band
ATTENTION: Education Department

General Delivery, 

McLeod Lake BC V0J 2G0


or fax it to (250) 750-4420

Elementary and Secondary Assistance

MLIB Education Assistance Applications eligibility includes MLIB eligible members (on and off) and status aboriginal students residing on MLIB lands. The assistance may include effort incentives, attendance incentives, tuition and/or school fees. Applications are accepted annually between the months of August until September 30. Complete applications forms only are accepted.

This program is for ages 5-18 only.  No alternate programs are accepted, must be a provincial recognized school.  In order to access Grade 12 Incentive Program, a letter from the school must be received after April 1st, detailing that the student does meet Certificate of Graduation, not an adult dogwood.  

Tutoring Support

The tutoring support program supports school aged (elementary and high school) MLIB members who need assistance to fulfill the Ministry of Education learning outcomes, prepare for provincial exams, and maintain the academic requirements to enter a post-secondary institution. Please submit a written request to the MLIB Education Department for more information.  If needed, please put in writing first to the Department, either by email or fax and what the request is for.

Extra Curricular Activities

Is a program fund available to registered eligible children ages 4 to 18. The program runs from April 1st to March 31st every year, each year's allocation may differ.  Must attach actual or copy of receipts for the costs of the activity or information showing the actual costs of the extracurricular activity.  These funds do not accumulate over the years, please use by March 31st of every year.  Band Fiscal Years run from April 1st to March 31st.  Forms available.