McLeod Lake Indian Band Daycare offers aboriginal infant and toddler development programming, as well as Preschool and 3-5 year old programming.  In the summer, after school daycare programs in conjunction with the MLIB youth program are offered on a daily basis.  Atsoo Georgina Chingee offers Tse’khene Language teachings and Cultural programs.  The Daycare is available for any child under the age of 11, and drop in daycare services are offered for parents who have appointments outside of McLeod Lake…please call a day in advance 250-750-4522.  Parents benefit from the services of the Daycare because the service provides a safe place for child care and education.  The Daycare has an open door policy where parents are encouraged to check the monthly calendar for daily activities and events that are offered.

Crystal Lyn Lake

Early Childhood Educator, Aboriginal Infant Development Program Coordinator

McLeod Lake Indian Band Daycare- Early Childhood Educator

Crystal Lake

Danachea Families,

My name is Crystal, I have been an Early Childhood Educator since my graduation from CNC in 2009, but have been working in childcare since early 2000. I currently live in Mackenzie B.C with my 10-year-old son, fiancé, border collie and 2 chihuahuas. I have worked in many different childcare settings.

  • Home Daycares in a family setting for 2 years. Operated the centre alone for 7 months.
  • 6 years teaching Pre-School with 40 different children in a class 2 classes a week. Creating curriculum for 3–5-year old’s, made play-based learning centers, and learned about pre-school graduation ceremonies
  • 6 years at large Group Daycare Centre settings, Creating curriculum for 3 different age groups. 0-2, 3-5, 6-11

Years ago, I taught Sunday School, and was a big part of my youth group/Christian music group. I’ve been in Sea Scouts, Sea Cadets, Brownies, Girl Guides, and Dance; hip hop, tap, jazz, musical theatre, and ballet. I learned to snowmobile on the mountain a few years ago, and now winter and I are great friends. Currently I enjoy ice fishing, medicine walks, scouting for hunting, back road adventuring, and learning to live off the land around me, creating as little damage as possible. Learning new skills, and abilities daily, always say yes to knowledge.

I look forward to meeting each of you, let’s learn together!

You can reach Crystal Lake at 250-750-4522 or by email

Crystal Lynn Connors

Early Childhood Educator Assistant, Art Attack activities with CC 

McLeod Lake Indian Band Daycare- Early Childhood Educator- Assistant 

Crystal Connors

Danachea Families,

I graduated high school at Guildford Park in 2003, and continued my education at the Native Education College in Vancouver, completing a certificate in Home Care Attending and aboriginal tourism in 2011.

 I grew up mostly in Surrey, Vancouver, and have lived in PG for more than 4 years now. In March 2023, I received my ECE Assistant License. I am continuing my education to become a full Early Childhood Educator.

I enjoy quiet nights at home with my two boys (cats) Spook and Jasper. I love to read, shop and create activities for the children and I to enjoy together. I love holidays, and bring a very optimistic attitude where ever I go.

Let’s us work toward becoming a united, loving and more resourceful people!

You can reach Crystal Connors at 250 750 4522.

January 2022 Daycare Calendar

This month our Focus will be on underwater life. We will be exploring creatures big and small that live underwater or survive from eating underwater creatures. While exploring creatures our focus on Tse’ khene language will be flash cards in English and Tse’ khene of local animals. Art activities will reflect upon everything from Mollusks to Grey whales, sharks to sea urchins. On Wednesdays Jessica McDonald will be coming to MLIB Daycare as part of our Strong Start Program!


  • Slippery Fish Art
  • My Big Book of Ocean- work book
  • Juno the Jelly Fish story, coloring pages
  • Counting fish
  • Name and letter recognition
  • Fishing for Letters
  • My Big Book of Ocean work book


  • My Big Book of Ocean work book
  • Angler Fish the Fish that Fishes
  • Jelly fish Art
  • Fish counting
  • Underwater playdoh
  • Word hunt around the Daycare
  • Ocean mammal facts
  • Legs vs. fins Story art board
  • The little mermaid story


  • Strong Start Mackenzie Comes to MLIB 1-230
  • Art and Circle time with Jessica McDonald
  • Strong Start Mackenzie Comes to MLIB 1-230
  • Art and Circle time with Jessica McDonald
  • Strong Start Mackenzie Comes to MLIB 1-230
  • Art and Circle time with Jessica McDonald
  • Strong Start Mackenzie Comes to MLIB 1-230
  • Art and Circle time with Jessica McDonald


  • Creating a fish bowl
  • Color cutting skills, glue and paste practice
  • Undersea Alphabet Cards
  • Tse’ khene Language Water life animal names
  • Ocean Facts
  • Undersea Art Collage
  • Rainbow trout Glitter art
  • Science: does glitter float? What doesn’t?


  • My big book of Ocean Work Book
  • Differences- Animals on land vs. animals in the water
  • Octopus counting
  • Puffer fish fork painting
  • Mommas and babies- Ocean Life
  • Counting Sea Animals
  • Ocean Patterns sequencing mammals
  • Glue and paste, and cutting practice