Employment & Training

Services provided include:

  • Employment needs
  • Assistance with creating or updating resumes
  • Assistance with cover letters
  • Sponsorship for training that leads to employment

Technical Support is also available:

  • Photo Copying
  • Facsimile      
  • Telephone 
  • Email setup

Please note, the application process takes minimum 1-2 weeks.  Please make an appointment or drop by to pick up an application package.  It is strongly discouraged that applicants apply with less than one week’s notice as there is not enough time to process the paperwork.

We do not send a fax or send’s a client’s resume via email, it is up to the client to get their resume to the potential employers.  We do encourage band members to set up an appointment if need assistance in doing this.  We are always glad to sit and show rather than do it on their behalf.

We do not pay for any driving fines or cover any costs for seasonal work. People must be working more than 20 hrs a week and longer than 4 months.

Please note, there have been additions to the walk-in application for training and employment, they are but not limited to:

  • Course outline from the institute, cost breakdown, letter of acceptance
  • Copy of Resume
  • Letter of Denial or partnership from other funding agencies.
  • Copy of Status Card
  • Proof of Residency; Hydro bill, phone bill, something with your address on it
  • Research from at least two employers agreeing that training will increase your opportunities for employment possible letter of offer? (i.e. Labour Market Research)
  • Letter from you to MLIB detailing your request (i.e. letter of intent); identify the financial assistance you are requesting (tuition, books, etc), the name of course, and the name of training institution, start and end dates of course. Inform what training, educational background, knowledge, or personal/job experience, you have the course request. Also include how the training will assist you to attain your career goals, what job prospects you have once your course is completed and where you see yourself in two years. (Remember to sign and date your letter).
  • Applications for employment needs (work gear/tools) require quotes of items required and confirmation of employment.   This program is limited to once every 4 years – Mobility).

Once all this information is submitted, please expect 1-2 weeks for the Department to review your application.

In meeting that needs we are required, by our funding reporting guidelines, to adhere to processes that are put in place to ensure fair and equitable handling of applications.  We try to make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to inquiries and applicants.  With regard to MLIB Education and Training processes, there are some very distinct steps that must be followed in order for someone to qualify for education and training dollars. The Prince George-Nechako Aboriginal Employment & Training Association (PGNAETA) who is currently our funding source for employment and training dollars.  These dollars are very selective as they have a strict guideline on who can access them.  You can find more information about this at  http://www.edsc.gc.ca/en/aboriginal/agreement_holders.page

In the event, an applicant’s current living location is unfortunately not within their “capture area” of the funding, so they will need to try and identify other sources of funding in order for their application to move forward.  We recommend consulting with an education and training officer in your area to determine if you qualify locally.  Please see link above.

With regard to MLIB Education dollars, if an application cannot be approved at the time of submission, we must refer applicants to the next fiscal year, which starts every April 1st. However, applications must be received in full by the Education & Training in order to qualify. This is due to all education and training dollars being expended within a fiscal year, as is the current situation here at MLIB. All education and training applications received are treated the same, all band members who apply, MUST fill out the same paperwork themselves.

We do not give preferential treatment to anyone and do not do research or prepare applications for anyone. This is the applicant’s responsibility.

Thank you for taking the time to reading this.  If you have any further questions or need to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to ensure a timely response.

Mussi Cho (Many Thanks)!!!!!!


Hello! My name is Rachael Weber and I have been employed with McLeod Lake Indian Band for 4 years. I am the Workforce Promoter/ Employment and Training Coordinator and the Liaison for Mt. Milligan. If you’re looking for work, or training programs to upgrade your certificates, want to get your drivers license, or just not sure what your next steps should be? Then lets set up a meeting to start your career path today!

Employment & Training Coordinator
Rachael Weber
250-750-4415 or 250-988-1088