Youth Department

Who are we?

Rod Solonas, F/T Youth Coordinator/Land Based Projects

Crystal Lake, P/T Youth Worker

Hello, my name is Letitia Woytkiw. I am an Early Childhood Educator currently working at McLeod Lake Indian Band (MLIB) Daycare. I have worked with children and families for almost 30 years. I had my own daycare in Prince George from 1995 then moved my daycare to Mackenzie in 2005. In February 2010 I moved to Grand Forks and worked at Extra Foods until June 30, 2011, when my daughter graduated from high school we moved back to Mackenzie, I worked at Love and Learn Daycare. While working at the daycare I worked towards my ECE certificate. In November of 2018 I worked at Mackenzie Co-op for 3 years before I came to McLeod Lake to work at the MLIB daycare. I have a son that currently works at Conifex car blocking train cars. I have 5 grand daughters and another grandchild due about May 19, 2024. I enjoy working with the children and families in the McLeod Lake Indian Band Community. It is a very friendly and welcoming community and I look forward to working with your children and the families here in McLeod Lake.


The McLeod Lake Youth Program is targeted towards all school-aged children (5-18 yrs.), and provides them with physical activities, as well as cultural and life skill programs.  These youth programs aim to encourage MLIB youth to become involved in their communities and help build up their self-esteem.  The MLIB youth program is a community-based program whose goal it is to enforce job/school readiness and better the overall health and wellness of first nations youth.  Our hope is that this will promote self-confidence and success in the future.  We at MLIB recognize that culture is an essential part of child development.  If children are able to know and experience their history, values, and their cultural practices it will provide them with a positive sense of self-worth and an identity in their community that they can be proud of.  Therefore, our youth program is encouraged to reflect the uniqueness of every member in our community and focus on the emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual needs of the children.  The MLIB Youth department works in conjunction with other band departments/programs to ensure the needs of children and their families are being met.  Elders share stories of the traditional ways of living, and our hope is that the children will absorb this knowledge and continue sharing it for generations to come.  Having MLIB elders participate in our youth activities is an amazing way for our youth to gain some of the cultural connections and knowledge that is slowly being lost.

We hope you enjoy our group to help keep all MLIB youth up-to-date.