Welcome to the McLeod Lake Indian Band Elders webpage. The Elders program is currently very active and have monthly meetings that take place in Prince George or McLeod Lake. Our program is to provide services to Elders that are 60 years of age and older, our program is not funded from Aboriginal Affairs and takes fundraising, proposal writing and contributions from the McLeod Lake Indian Band.

Age Requirement

When a member of the McLeod Lake Indian Band reaches the age of 60, they are considered an Elder of the McLeod Lake Indian Band as decided by the McLeod Lake Indian Band. If you are a McLeod Lake member and you have reached the age of 60 years, please contact the MLIB Office to inform the elder coordinator.

Elders Gathering 2020

Each year the McLeod Lake Tse’Khene Elders have attended the Vancouver Gatherings held in Vancouver as well as Vancouver Island. On our November 2019 meeting in McLeod Lake the elders had a vote on where to travel for this year’s gathering. The vote was unanimous to attend the National Elders Gathering in Canada 2020, the place has not yet been announced and I will keep you updated.

Traditional Storybook Project

The Tse’Khene Elders will be creating their own children’s storybooks, having the elders working on a project with the youth that has Cultural/Traditional content, and build a library within the McLeod Lake community for future generations to learn from is the ultimate goal. The storybooks will include berry picking, fishing with nets, activities at the cabin, hunting trips with family, trapping and or growing up in McLeod Lake.

Elders Council/Special Group

The Tse’Khene Elders will be creating a separate group for decision making purposes, this was initiated because the McLeod Lake Indian Band has 64 Elders and growing, therefore, creating a side group will help the decision process.

Elders Manager
Currently Vacant
McLeod Lake Office
(250) 750-4415