Forestry Department

Forestry Crew

Layout 50,000+ cubic meters of wood to be harvested next winter, complete with all boundaries, road locations, stream crossings, protective measures for cultural trails, culturally modified trees (CMT's), fish and wildlife values, etc.

The McLeod Lake Indian Band relies on income from the sale of logs from its Treaty 8 Settlement and Adhesion Lands. Once the new blocks are laid out, Duz Cho Logging carries out the actual harvesting of the trees and delivers the logs to whichever local mill has purchased them.

After harvesting, all areas are re-planted with seedlings to ensure that a productive new forest is established for the future. Over 400,000 seedlings were planted on MLIB lands this year.

Silviculture (Brushing) Crew

Tending of existing plantations using powersaws to cut unwanted brush.
Plantation tending is needed to ensure that new trees continue to grow unimpeded by competing brush and weeds.

Grounds Crew

Cut grass and trim weeds to maintain the AGA site, the ballfield, and all common areas of the community.

Assist with other projects as needed.

Esa Aatelma 
MLIB Forestry Manager | Email: