As part of the Administration team of the Band, this department strives to provide community members with quality housing as well as being part of the solution towards building a strong, vibrant, healthy and safe community.

The Housing program is responsible for all aspects of housing in relation to the on-reserve housing stock
Including, but not limited to the following:

  • Creating a community owned self sustaining housing strategy as per the “McLeod Lake Indian Band Housing Policy Development Plan – June 2015 – OBJECTIVES”; (this needs a link to this document when passed)
  • Ensure the Band Housing Policy is current and falls in line with any other Band Codes or policies and is supported by the Band Council;
  • Do annual inspections of houses for preventative measures;
  • Conducts maintenance of each house, annually and as issues arise;
  • Take applications for housing and selection of tenant(s);
  • Ensure rental agreements are in place;
  • Apply for funding from all sources to assist with maintenance and/or renovations;
  • Educate tenants of their responsibilities;
  • Work with lending institutions such as CMHC as per agreements;
  • Recording of all work/repairs/appliances purchases for each house;
  • Work with other Band departments as required to ensure enhanced management of the Band housing stock;
  • Housing contract management;
  • Work within the annual budget provided by the Band’s Finance Committee
Housing Manager
Jeff Loosemore