Land Referral

Assistant Manager for Land Referral
Nathan Paul Prince

Nathan, a member of the McLeod Lake Indian Band, joined the Land Referral Office at the end of June to take on the important task of Traditional Land Use Coordinator. He was promotoed to Assistant Manager at the beginning of 2017

His work encompasses collecting information and mapping the areas the People fish, hunt, gather and harvest animals, berries and plants. He will also record where the People have lived and the water routes travelled.  This information is archived and preserved for future reference. Nathan is based in our Chetwynd location but also works from McLeod Lake. This will enable him to more effectively work with the membership & community

Senior Land Referrals Officer
Eran Spence

Land Referrals Officer
Currently employing

Office and Finance Clerk
Debbie Pinkston
Project Coordinator 
Arlene Solonas
Arlene, a member of the McLeod Lake Indian Band, has signed on in our Chetwynd office as the new Project Coordinator.  Arlene has worked with us in Chetwynd from time to time and has now joined our team full time.  She will be looking after our project intake and engagement process. Her role will be key to successfully manage the land referral process and gain maximum benefit from the consultation and accommodation process for the membership. 
Currently employing

Mailing Address:
PO Box 87, 4821 South Access Road
Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0

Primary Email:

(250) 788-2227


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