Land Referral Portal

The Land Referral department of McLeod Lake Indian Band has developed an interactive land and resource portal. The portal is a web-based, land-use information management and planning support system.

One of the portal's primary functions is to improve the efficiency and quality of the referral process. Many of the tedious steps of the referral process like filing, tracking, and the dependence on the MLIB office are simplified through the automated functions of our spatial database, which is accessible online and therefore accessible in any community with internet access. This database stores any type of land and resource information from reports to photos to proposed cut block locations in relation to the area of land for which they are relevant.

The portal makes the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) accessible by being cost-effective and user-friendly for remote communities, and therefore minimizes paper handling time. The portal is a significant step toward empowering First Nations communities to be directly involved in land and resource stewardship.

Portal Links

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