Land Management Department

Mission and Vision Statement

“To develop and implement policies and guidelines for the preservation and management of McLeod Lake Indian Band (MLIB) lands and resources to ensure and enhance the long-term sustainability of these resources for the future of the Tse’Khene of MLIB.”

MLIB Land Management Department

The McLeod Lake Indian Band has 49,536 acres of reserve land, plus some fee simple properties which are at: Summit Lake (56 ha. and the Mackenzie Junction (43 ha.) that we are managing.  Land Management in conjunction with the Economic Development department must try to utilize these lands in an environmental sustainable way and generate an income with them.  The reserve land we have is mostly used by forestry.  In the future the Band would like to have other uses of the land; such as having cabins and using them to exercise our traditional activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping, berry picking and gathering.  Other ideas would be to create eco-tourism opportunities.  What would you, as our Tse’Khene people like to see with our land management?  Let us know!

BC Moose Winter Tick Survellance Program

The BC Wildlife Health Program is looking for help from wildlife professionals, wildlife enthusiasts and the general public with observations of hair loss caused by “Winter Ticks” on moose throughout the province. The Moose Winter Tick Surveillance Program wants to collect observations to monitor the number of animals with hair loss and the amount of hair loss on each animal to estimate winter tick prevalence and distribution. This program occurs on an annual basis. Winter ticks are a significant parasite for moose populations and can contribute to moose declines in parts of their range, including BC. So, it is an important health factor to monitor, particularly with climate change and alterations to moose habitat. The findings of the surveillance program will contribute to the Provincial Moose Research Program, which was initiated in 2013 to investigate factors influencing moose populations in BC. This is the fourth year of the program; last year they received 330 reports of moose from across the province.

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MLIB Land Management Contacts

Alec Chingee, Manager (250) 750-6856 |

Daris Gillis, GIS Technologist (250) 750-6862 | 

Tania Solonas, Clerk (250) 750-6860 |

Fax (250) 750-4420

MLIB Land Management Committee

Sam Chingee, Committee Member c/o:

Cheryl Chingee, Committee Member

Richard Jackson, Committee Member c/o:

Ricky Roen, Committee Member 

Sonya Solonas, Committee Member

Fay Masear, Council Liaison

Anita Vallee, Support

The LMC meets monthly, for more information please call the MLIB office at (250) 750-4415.

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