Chief and Council ZOOM Protocols

To ensure a smooth C &C meetings we are asking Band Members to follow a few housekeeping items:

  1. The Zoom link provided is only for Band members who register one week prior to any Council meeting for membership verification. The Zoom link will be sent to you two days prior to the meeting. You must apply for each meeting you wish to attend.
  2. Please write your first and last name in the Zoom window – NO aliases please. Also turn your camera on upon entry, so that we may verify who is in attendance. You may then keep the camera on/off, depending on your level of comfort. MLIB staff attending Council meetings must have their Director/Manager’s approval for time spent at meetings.
  3. The use of any recording devices is prohibited during Zoom meetings. Those found to be recording or streaming the meeting will be removed from the meeting and not be allowed to return to future meetings.
  4. At this time, we are working on alternative ways for Band Members to participate in C&C meetings and offer options to provide feedback for questions and inquiries. However, for the time being, please email your questions to the Executive Assistant who will compile them and ensure they are sent to the Band Administrator for answering. With the exception of technical difficulties, please refrain from commenting in the chat box.
  5. You must stay muted at all times to ensure clarity of sound for all participants. In order to speak to Council during any meeting, you must request prior approval from the Chair, usually the Chief, to be on the agenda. If approved, please state you full name prior to speaking at the meeting.
  6. If you are having technical difficulties, you will be assisted by available staff at the meeting. Please put a note in the chat box on Zoom if you are having any trouble. Please log into the meeting a few minutes early to test your speakers.
  7. You must refrain from talking or creating disruptions during meeting presentations and deliberations.
  8. Presenters and members of the audience must respect all citizens, regardless of differing views or opinions. Anyone deemed disrespectful will be promptly removed from the meeting.
  9. Applause, visual or audible demonstrations of support or opposition are not tolerated.
  10. Distributing the link to other members, without prior approval, will result in the denial of access to future meeting(s). Everyone must follow the registration process by emailing

*Meeting minutes are available and posted on the website once approved.