Chief Harley Chingee

Chief Chingee has served various roles at MLIB over the past forty years. He brings the equivalent experience in the Forest Industry which influences his main driver to ensure that MLIB has long term economic viability in the Industry.

In 2018, his main goal was to ensure that Duz Cho Forest Products becomes a profitable Entity for MLIB. While there is still work to be done, the main barrier to making DCFP profitable is to retain MLIB’s Forest License. This year, Chief Chingee was successful in making the first steps for this to happen. MLIB is in the process of obtaining a 100,000 M3 Replaceable Forest License and the remaining 900,000 M3 will be appointed back to MLIB over the next ten years.

Chief Chingee has also been working on managing the devastation of the Spruce Beetle infestation that has decimated MLIB Traditional Lands. He has worked diligently to secure contracts with industry partners to commit to log the affected areas in order to mitigate the issue and turn profits for MLIB. This remains to be his priority in 2019.

In the Administration, Chief Chingee has been overseeing the ratification and updates to all MLIB Codes and Policies. MLIB employees have collectively been working hard in various committees and all Codes and Policies are expected to be completed by 2019, including the Membership Code, Election Code and Land Management Code, which will be voted on by the Membership at the AGA.

Chief Chingee has also been working to secure agreements with Industry Partners and Government, which includes renegotiating Agreements from the previous Administration which were not in the best interests of MLIB. This includes a record-breaking agreement with Falcon Camp Services which has been notably deemed as the highest revenue share for any First Nation with a camp service contract in Canada to date. Amongst this contract, Chief Chingee has secured contracts with Triton Environmental, Lakewood Electric, Gitxan Development Corporation, West Fraser, and Site C, with more contracts and agreements to come in 2019.