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Elders Appointment Bookings (out of community) *Posted 03.04.2021

TCDC Bursary: 2021-2022 *Posted 03.04.2021

community notice - 6th Covid test *Posted 02.17.2021

Community Is Reopen Feb 12 2021 *Posted 02.12.2021

2021 IK Barber Indigenous Student Awards *Posted 02.05.2021

Blackbird Environmental Technician Summer Student 2021 *Posted 02.04.2021

Lockdown: Letter from Chief Harley Chingee*Posted 03.02.2021 

COVID Notice Community Update*Posted 02.02.2021

Update: The Site C Culture and Heritage Resource Committee*Posted 02.01.2021

Chief & Council Public Meeting February 19th*Posted 01.29.2021

January 2021 Distribution*Posted 01.20.2021

Site C Elder Participant Poster*Posted 01.19.2021

Chief and Council Public Meeting*Posted 01.19.2021

TF&F New hours of operation*Posted 01.07.2021

Site CHRC Project Poster

Holiday Mental Awareness

Little Trees-Big Trees

Clean Power Indigenous Input Work Book

Clean Power Additional Information Package

SC CHRC Meeting 2020 Poster

December Distributions 2020

Notice To Members

Land Use Plan Update

Election Flyer 2020

October Newsletter

North River Midstream

CALP information sheets

(LUP) Virtual community meeting dates

2020 Land use plan update

Call Out for Crafters & Teachers  *Posted 08.12.2020 

First Nations Youth Training   Application Form  *Posted 07.27.2020

Red cross Help *Posted 06.22.2020

Stones - People of the rocks - painting rocks *Posted 06.22.2020

Call for MLMCF Director, 2020-2023 *Posted 06.16.2020

Press Release - WCOL and MLIB *Posted 03.05.202

Open Call For McLeod Lake Firefighters *Posted 01.30.2020

BC Hydro WAC Bennett Dam Tour Guide 2020 *Posted 01.29.2019

2020 Internship InfoNDIT Internship 2020 Job posting *Posted 01.27.2020

Site C Indigenous Valentines Craft Market *Posted 01.27.2020

BC Hydro Site C Construction  *Posted 01.27.2020

Site C Community Update Meeting, 2020 March 3 *Posted 01.22.2020

Kennedy Siding Caribou Feed Program 2019 NCLGA 1may2019 *Posted 01.22.2020

BCH - TRY A TRADE PROGRAM HIRE, Try a Trade Information *Posted 01.16.2020

Annual Gathering Our Voices National Aboriginal Youth Conference (GOV) *Posted 01.10.2020

SRA Aboriginal Experience UBC *Posted 12.04.2019

Contact Info Contest - Deadline Dec 4 *Posted 12.04.2019

BCH PRS Dam Safety Update *Posted 12.04.2019

National Addictions Awareness Week *Posted 11.13.2019

Do You Want to Stay informed about Land Management Activities? *Posted 11.13.2019

Call for Housing Committee Members Call for Housing Committee Members Form 

Peter Program 2019 *Posted 09.26.2019

Beaver and Dams removal *Posted 09.19.2019


Wolf Cull news story *Posted 09.16.2019

Upcoming Land Use Plan (LUP) Update Community Information Workshops *Posted 09.13.2019

BC Hydro’s 2019 Indigenous Scholarship & Bursary Program Awards *Posted 09.11.2019

Contract Services Kennedy Siding Caribou Supplemental Feeding Program 2019-2020 *Posted 09.03.2019

Membership Code Results Memo *Posed 08.13.2019

McLeod Lake 2019 - Declaration Result - Completed *Posted 08.12.2019

McLeod Lake 2019 - Ratification Vote Results - Completed *Posted 08.12.2019

What can and cannot be composted  Troubleshooting *Posted 07.25.2019

Community Engagement Meetings - Talking Points *Posted 07.17.2019

MLIB Membership Code and Governance Manual *Posted 07.17.2019

Do you need a drivers license? 2019-2020 *Posted 07.16.2019

Recover The Caribou Plan *Posted 07.02.2019

MLIB MEMBERS Confirmed Band Projects MLIB 2019 - 20 Budget *Posted 06.17.2019

MLIB Announcement - Appointment of Interim Band Manager *Posted 05.07.2019

RPF-MLIB-2019-003 Land Use Plan Update *Posted 05.01.2019

Confirmed Band Projects Budget 2018/2019 - Provincial Revenues Trust Board Of Trustees *Posted 02.19.2019

MLIB Land Code amendment & land use plan update *Posted 12.03.2018

MLIB Independent Living Centre *Posted 11.27.2018

MLIB Land Code, 2002 Amendment *Posted 11.20.2018