McLeod Lake Indian Band:



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The Membership Code Committee - Input or any final questions you have *Posted 05.10.2019

IB Prince George FC partial category 2 open fire prohibition *Posted 05.08.2019

MLIB Announcement - Appointment of Interim Band Manager *Posted 05.07.2019

MLIB Call for Directors *Posted 05.06.2019

Duties of Volunteer Directors *Posted 05.06.2019

MLIB BC Hydro PG Information Session May 31 2019 *Posted 05.02.2019

Looking for members to participate - Land Management Initiatives *Posted 05.01.2019

RPF-MLIB-2019-003 Land Use Plan Update *Posted 05.01.2019

Spring Re-Leaf - May 2019 *Posted 04.30.2019

Earth Month Contests 2019 *Posted 04.30.2019

Cake and Cupcake Donations Needed *Posted 04.29.2019


Hydro Web communications - Do you Want to save money - April BC Hydro *Posted 04.23.2019

Wetland Training in ML (This is a Non paid Training, you can sign up in the Pg Satellite office or main ML office) *Posted 04.05.2019

The Village April 2019 *Posted 04.02.2019

Writing Simple Wills *Posted 04.04.2019

Overwintering Fires and Hotspots *Posted 03.26.2019

Sekani Play Daze Update - Postponed *Posted 03.18.2018

T-South Reliability + Expansion Program WINTER 2019 Newsletter UPDATE *Posted 04.05.2019 

Do you need a Drivers License? *Posted 03.12.2019

Planning Community Language Events *Posted 03.11.2019

Science Camp *Posted 03.08.2019

Computer Course *Posted 03.04.2019

Eye Dr Visit in February 2019 in ML *Posted 03.01.2019

Indigenous Students Employment Opportunity *Posted 02.21.2019

Confirmed Band Projects Budget 2018/2019 - Provincial Revenues Trust Board Of Trustees *Posted 02.19.2019

First Nations Scholarship *Posted 01.24.2019

Health Relationships Workshop *Posted 10.10.2019

Adult Academic Upgrading *Posted 12.10.2018

MLIB Land Code amendment & land use plan update *Posted 12.03.2018

MLIB Independent Living Centre *Posted 11.27.2018

Call for Directors *Posted 11.26.2018

MLIB Land Code, 2002 Amendment *Posted 11.20.2018



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Health Relationships Workshop *Posted 10.10.2019



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Indigenous Summer Student Program *Posted 05.07.2019

Computers Course *Posted 03.04.2019

Indigenous Students Employment Opportunity *Posted 02.21.2019

Building Better Futures; Bursaries, Scholarships, Awards - Petro Canada *Posted 04.26.2019