McLeod Lake Indian Band:



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Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Project Meeting *Posted 01.17.2019

MLIB Economic Summit Invitation  Economic Summit Agenda *Posted 01.11.2019

MLIB Dividend Meeting *Posted 01.11.2019

Land Code Meeting *Posted 10.11.2019

Soaring Indigenous Youth Empowerment Gathering *Posted 01.11.2019

Health Relationships Workshop *Posted 10.10.2019

Electrical Apprenticeship Opportunity *Posted 01.10.2019

Membership Code Committee Survey (2018 Quarterly) *Posted 01.07.2018

Adult Academic Upgrading *Posted 12.10.2018

Wiliston Reservoir Update - Macktown Buzzette *Posted 12.06.2018

UBC Science Program *Posted 12.05.2018

Seeking 1 Elder & 1 Youth *Posted 12.05.2018
Parcel Fabric Renewal Project Updated *Posted 12.03.2018

MLIB Land Code amendment & land use plan update *Posted 12.03.2018

P.E.T.E.R Program *Posted 11.28.2018

MLIB Independent Living Centre *Posted 11.27.2018

Call for Directors *Posted 11.26.2018

MLIB Land Code, 2002 Amendment *Posted 11.20.2018

TF&F Holiday Hours *Posted 11.15.2018

EMPOWER Women in Trades and Technologies *Posted 11.07.2018

Assessment Survey for bus service *Posted 11.07.2018

MLMCF PAG MEETING *Posted 11.06.2018

Fish Spawning Study *Posted 10.24.2018

MLIB Treaty 8 Wood *Posted 09.21.2018 

Hunting Press Release *Posted 09.10.2018



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Health Relationships Workshop *Posted 10.10.2019



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Indspire Poster - Scholarships Bursaries *Posted 11.08.2018