McLeod Lake Indian Band:



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Deadline Date (If applicable)

Rapid Housing Information & Application June.16.2021  
Kennedy Siding Caribou Nutrition & Physiology    
Hunting Survey 2021 May.25.2021  
Naming Contest (IR#1)  May.07.2021 May.21.2021
MLIB Members Engagement - Bill C-92 May.03.2021 May.08.2021
Service Canada contact information May.03.2021  
Beaver and Dams Removals Notice April.30.2021 N/A
AGA/Membership Code Referendum News Release
On Reserve Community Clean Up 2021  April.29.2021  
Megan and Brook Jackson Interior Car wash Business April.29.2021  
DPTODD Grad Fundraiser 2021 April.28.2021 May.02.2021
Entrepreneurial Essentials Training Program Online Survey  April.28.2021  
TCDC Bursary 2021-2022 April.27.2021 August.20.2021 @ 4:00pm
Free for-credit UNBC class April.27.2021 May.07.2021
Carpooling information April.27.2021  
Bridges Employment Program April.23.2021  
MLIB Members Hunter Survey April.22.2021  
Fishing Photo Contest 2021FPC 2021 Printable PDF File April.21.2021
Summer Student Work Program (SWEP 2021) April.21.2021  
COVID mail out April 2021 April.14.2021  
Chief and Council public meeting April 2021 April.06.2021  
Budding Engineers April.01.2021  
Bladerunners Raising Roofs Construction Program April.01.2021  
Health Career Access Program (HCAP) March.23.2021  
Chief and Council public meeting Mar 26 March.17.2021  
COVID CERB Repayment Factsheet March.17.2021  
March 18th, 2021 Virtual Community Meeting March.16.2021  
Elders Appointment Bookings (out of community) March.04.2021  
TCDC Bursary: 2021-2022 March.04.2021  
community notice - 6th Covid test February.17.2021  
Community Is Reopen Feb 12 2021 February.12.2021  
2021 IK Barber Indigenous Student Awards February.05.2021  
Blackbird Environmental Technician
Summer Student 2021
Lockdown: Letter from Chief Harley Chingee March.02.2021   
COVID Notice Community Update February.02.2021  
Update: The Site C Culture
and Heritage Resource Committee
Chief & Council Public Meeting February 19th January.29.2021  
Site C Elder Participant Poster January.19.2021  
TF&F New hours of operation January.07.2021  
2020 Internship Info NDIT Internship 2020 Job posting January.27.2020  
BCH PRS Dam Safety Update December.04.2019