McLeod Lake Indian Band:



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Call Out for Crafters & Teachers  *Posted 08.12.2020 

First Nations Youth Training   Application Form  *Posted 07.27.2020

Red cross Help *Posted 06.22.2020

Stones - People of the rocks - painting rocks *Posted 06.22.2020

Call for MLMCF Director, 2020-2023 *Posted 06.16.2020

Press Release - WCOL and MLIB *Posted 03.05.202

Open Call For McLeod Lake Firefighters *Posted 01.30.2020

BC Hydro WAC Bennett Dam Tour Guide 2020 *Posted 01.29.2019

2020 Internship InfoNDIT Internship 2020 Job posting *Posted 01.27.2020

Site C Indigenous Valentines Craft Market *Posted 01.27.2020

BC Hydro Site C Construction  *Posted 01.27.2020

Site C Community Update Meeting, 2020 March 3 *Posted 01.22.2020

Kennedy Siding Caribou Feed Program 2019 NCLGA 1may2019 *Posted 01.22.2020

BCH - TRY A TRADE PROGRAM HIRE, Try a Trade Information *Posted 01.16.2020

Annual Gathering Our Voices National Aboriginal Youth Conference (GOV) *Posted 01.10.2020

SRA Aboriginal Experience UBC *Posted 12.04.2019

Contact Info Contest - Deadline Dec 4 *Posted 12.04.2019

BCH PRS Dam Safety Update *Posted 12.04.2019

National Addictions Awareness Week *Posted 11.13.2019

Do You Want to Stay informed about Land Management Activities? *Posted 11.13.2019

Call for Housing Committee Members Call for Housing Committee Members Form 

Peter Program 2019 *Posted 09.26.2019

Beaver and Dams removal *Posted 09.19.2019


Wolf Cull news story *Posted 09.16.2019

Upcoming Land Use Plan (LUP) Update Community Information Workshops *Posted 09.13.2019

BC Hydro’s 2019 Indigenous Scholarship & Bursary Program Awards *Posted 09.11.2019

Contract Services Kennedy Siding Caribou Supplemental Feeding Program 2019-2020 *Posted 09.03.2019

Membership Code Results Memo *Posed 08.13.2019

McLeod Lake 2019 - Declaration Result - Completed *Posted 08.12.2019

McLeod Lake 2019 - Ratification Vote Results - Completed *Posted 08.12.2019

What can and cannot be composted  Troubleshooting *Posted 07.25.2019

Community Engagement Meetings - Talking Points *Posted 07.17.2019

MLIB Membership Code and Governance Manual *Posted 07.17.2019

Do you need a drivers license? 2019-2020 *Posted 07.16.2019

Recover The Caribou Plan *Posted 07.02.2019

MLIB MEMBERS Confirmed Band Projects MLIB 2019 - 20 Budget *Posted 06.17.2019

MLIB Announcement - Appointment of Interim Band Manager *Posted 05.07.2019

RPF-MLIB-2019-003 Land Use Plan Update *Posted 05.01.2019

Confirmed Band Projects Budget 2018/2019 - Provincial Revenues Trust Board Of Trustees *Posted 02.19.2019

MLIB Land Code amendment & land use plan update *Posted 12.03.2018

MLIB Independent Living Centre *Posted 11.27.2018

MLIB Land Code, 2002 Amendment *Posted 11.20.2018