Vision Statement

We, the Tse'Khene Nation (People of the Rocks) are a proud people. We believe the Creator put us here as stewards of the land. We will regain our Traditions to cultivate a respected, united, self-sufficient community. We recognize all people as equal regardless of name and ancestry. Our governing body is elected based upon integrity, honour, accountability and transparency to all members. Together we will provide health, educated, self-sufficient and prosperous lifestyles for our future generations.

Mission Statement

“We lead a responsible government organization that is designed for the needs and priorities of the Tse’khene people.”






listens (hears)



“Wu'tun'e wee'zooh yi'yalh, whes'keghe s'o ududeh'chi oo's'o ghu'nuyelh'o.”

Making sure the footprints we leave behind are the ones our children will be proud to walk in.

Greg Prosser

Category: Human Resources
Position / Title / Role: Webmaster

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