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Welcome to our Wills & Estates Page.   Please note these pages are resources only if you are serious about a Will, RESEARCH, ask questions.  Talk to your Membership Clerk or even other me members who have already received wills.  The Membership Clerk also has a list of resources like Lawyers and Notaries to help with a will.   Through research and calling Lawyers and Notaries in the area a will could cost anywhere from $250.00 to $475.00, $250.00 being singles and the $475.00 for couples.  It also depends on the size of your estate (your estate is everything you owe and everything you own on the day you pass).

Through talking to Members mainly Elders and Members in Prince George and McLeod Lake.  A lot of the members did not have the time or were not ready to the writing of the will.  It’s true we really do not think of these things, we live each day to day.  But I was told by someone we do not plan the day we die and that is also true.

I was also told I have it written down yes but who will execute or take car of your last wishes.  Have you talked to family members? Your Spouse? What happens if you own the house on the reserve or off who gets this?  What if your spouse is a non-band member?  What happens if your family owns a CP (Certificate of Possession)? What about a Trapline? The paper you have written it on, is it signed? Witnessed? Were you of sound mind? These are all questions INAC will ask if there is no will. 

I have included a simple will kit on this page but remember your witnesses cannot be a family member or spouse or someone residing in your home, plus the witnesses must be legal age.  Getting wills notarized will also comply with INAC rules.

That is why a will is important; it helps our love ones if that day ever comes.  A will is just not about what you own or owe, it tells our loved ones what you want for your service, if you have Children under the age of 19 who you want to take care of them.  Your pets can also be mentioned in your will.  But most of all it helps our loved ones on that day to explain how you want your service and your Estate handled.




https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100032357/1100100032361 this is a hyperlink to INAC site on Wills and Estates

https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/DAM/DAM-INTER-HQ-BR/STAGING/texte-text/br_es_adminAestate_1336489606902_eng.pdf  this is a hyperlink to Administration of Estates

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Directions For A Simple Will

Wills Checklist Form

Will Kit Form

Estate Administration On Reserve Package 


MLIB Wills And Estates Contacts

Marvin Hawke And Associates.


#203-1378 5th Ave, Prince George BC, V2L 3L4. 


Jenine Solonas  (Will be lead contact for wills and estate) 


General Delivery, McLeod Lake BC, V0J 2G0