Wills and Estates

My name is Maureen Isadore we are doing wills for our members with Marvin Hawke and Associates. We do have a list going,  but please contact Meagan or Karen at Marvin Hawkes Associates for an appointment for a will. As a McLeod Lake Indian Band member, i strongly believe in everyone having a will, for easy access for family members to deal with last wishes of their loved ones. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


I am including a form from Marvin Hawke Associates and a Will kit from AFOA and INAC. 

Packages are also available at McLeod Lake Reception and Prince George Satellite Office. 


Instructions to apply:
- Fill out Wills Checklist Form,
- Have your Status Card and ID available. 

-Phone Meagan or Karen from Marvin Hawke Associates to arrange an appointment. 


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Directions For A Simple Will

Wills Checklist Form

Will Kit Form

Estate Administration On Reserve Package 


MLIB Wills And Estates Contacts

Marvin Hawke And Associates.


#203-1378 5th Ave, Prince George BC, V2L 3L4. 


Jenine Solonas  (Will be lead contact for wills and estate) 


General Delivery, McLeod Lake BC, V0J 2G0


Maureen Isadore  (Will be here only until end of March 2019) 


General Delivery, McLeod Lake BC, V0J 2G0