As Tse’Khene people, stewards of our land, we strive for self-reliance and are proud members of a healthy Nation built on a strong foundation of traditional knowledge and values.  With determination, we embrace opportunities of the modern world to educate our people, to enhance our community so that current and future generations are able to take care of their economic, cultural, spiritual and social needs.


We lead a responsible government organization that is designed for the needs and priorities of the Tse’Khene People.

Footprint in dirt

Making sure the Footprints we leave behind are ones Our Children will be Proud to walk in…

Band Administrator
Adele Chingee

The Band Manager is the main contact with Chief and Council and provides oversight and direction to Administration.  The Band Manager is also the Administration’s contact for the Band-owned companies, governments and the public.  The Band Manager is very active with the membership and ensures that their legitimate concerns are met.  

Executive Assistant
Geraldine Solonas

Community Economic Manager
Kandy Stout

Human Resource Advisor
Peter Grogan

Margaret Solonas