Public Works

The Housing and Public Works department is responsible to operate and maintain all of the housing and infrastructure on band land. The band has 39 reserves and 20,000 hectares of reserve lands. In 2007 the community completed a Comprehensive Community Development plan, to guide the residential and commercial development on IR1 and IR#5.

As part of the Administration team of the Band, this department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and renewal /upgrading of community infrastructure, including:

  • Roads;
  • Snow removal;
  • Garbage collection;
  • Community water and sewage systems;
  • Utilities of Band;
  • Enhance and protect existing services, facilities, and equipment;
  • Fire protection;
  • Provides support services to the Band’s gas bar, Natural Resource Office and Land Management office;
  • Strategic planning of Housing & Public Works;
  • Development and enforcement of standards, regulations, policies and codes;
  • Capital projects undertaken as funding permits;
  • Management and administration of liability issues, insurance and risk management, etc.;
  • Support the development of required and enhanced skills, certification and training of department staff;
  • Provide and support a safe and healthy workplace for the Band; and
  • Support the community emergency safety measures, e.g. in case of wild fires or other natural catastrophe.

IR#1 is located along the northwest shores of McLeod Lake and is used for housing and community purposes. Most of the on-reserve community members live on Indian Reserve (IR) #1.

There are 46 homes housing 110 members, the majority of homes are serviced by paved streets, a community water system, and individual septic systems.

The community’s main administration building is a 7200 sq. ft. multi-purpose community building, containing the gymnasium, health wing and clinic, training room and Band administration offices. The community has another administration office across the street from the band office, a daycare, pump house, water tower, fire hydrants, and 3 public works buildings. Other services include high speed internet, a baseball diamond, a community garden, a playground and a gas bar which opened in 2014.

McLeod Lake I.R.#5 is located on the northeast shore of McLeod Lake approximately 5 km south of I.R.#1 and has an area of approximately 7 hectares. The reserve has five (5) houses on a 12 lot subdivision Services to the existing houses consist of a gravel road, overhead power, community water service, a community sewer collection and disposal field.

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